Eliot Fisk

Eliot Fisk: Artistic Director / Masterclasses / Chamber Music Concert

Joaquin Clerch

Joaquin Clerch: Concert/ Masterclasses / President of the Jury

Duo Tamayo / Montesinos

Duo Tamayo / Montesinos: Concert

Laura Young: Masterclasses

Marco Tamayo

Marco Tamayo: Masterclasses / Workshop    ” Essential principles of Classical Guitar Performance”

Maria Isabel Siewers

Maria Isabel Siewers: Masterclasses

Miscelanea Guitar Quartet

Miscelanea Guitar Quartet: Concert

Cecilio Perera

Cecilio Perera: Concert / Masterclasses

Tal Hurwitz

Tal Hurwitz: Concert

Hans Brüderl

Hans Brüderl: Workshop “Continuo on the Classical Guitar”

Zaira Meneses

Zaira Meneses: Concert

Κοstas Tosidis

Κοstas Tosidis: Master Classes / Secretary of the International Competition

Duo Cellar

Duo Cellar: Concert

Danilo Cabaluz

Danilo Cabaluz: Workshop «Special techniques of popular Latin American guitar»

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